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Mobility UK has its roots from way back in 94. After a road accident left me paraplegic with C4 to C7 damage and graced with a prognosis of maybe never walking again, I turned to the Internet and started work on a disability site to help others and give myself a reason and goal. That site grew and preoccupied me for many years, during which time I made some really fantastic friends. By 2003, much to physicians dismay, I had managed to push myself to regain some mobility, though still reliant upon my electric wheelchair most of the time and the support of home carers. By 2008 I had become fully conversant with the Internet and regained greater mobility, though all movements and travel had to be carefully planned. The following years were spent helping my son and progressing knowledge of web designing and all things Internet. But I remembered the difficulties of mobility and finding equipment or modifications to assist those with disabilities back then, particularly powered wheelchairs which were quite limited in their ability to provide adequate support. But technology has advanced tremendously since then and now there are so many choices that it can be quite daunting and downright confusing to chose the right solution. And prices vary dramatically, often for the same equipment but in a different package. So the idea was born to build a site where all the main scooters and wheelchairs in the UK could be listed that cover just about every conceivable need. A site where apart from pretty pictures, prices and technical specs were all laid out so customers could make an informed choice based upon their individual needs and pocket.

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VAT Exemption
Most disability products are zero rated for vat. Below are useful Links to the HM Revenue & Customs pages about VAT exemption:

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