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Mobility UK's selection of double sprung and memory foam adjustable beds for the perfect rest, day and night. With great discounts off retail price.
A flexible double bed can be the option you're looking for if you battle getting in and out of bed or usually have an awkward night's rest. A medically engineered adjustable bed can be an easy option to eliminate discomfort as well as obtain a much better quality of sleep for both you and your partner. Our series of electrically operated double bed structures can be increased or lowered at the top, bottom or both to ensure you're getting the best rest obtainable

Also see our range of Single Adjustable Beds and Profiling / Bariatric Beds

Which ever type of double mattress and bed you pick, you will appreciate the comfy nights rest. The pocket sprung bed mattress functions to sustain the natural curve of your body, and offer reduction of stress on vital parts of your body, including your knees, hips and back. Memory foam mattress and toppers work in additional ways to reduce stress by molding around your body, working to distribute body weight evenly. If you suffer from tender joints, a memory foam mattress will feel like being in heaven sleeping on a cloud. Read our informative article on mattress types to help you make the right decision in purchasing adjustable beds. They say 'Clothes maketh a man' - Well, 'Mattresses maketh the Bed'. Its vitally important with any type of adjustable bed frame that you use the correct mattress as it not only needs to transform equally as the bed adjusts but continue to provide the bodily support needed.

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