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Tartan Adjustable Bed
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Rhapsody Tartan Adjustable Bed from £1119.20

The Rhapsody Tartan Adjustable Bed is another stylish adjustable bed, with a luxury damask upholstered base including a new tartan headboard and footboard offering a luxurious addition to any bedroom setting. Featuring solid, wooden slatted base rails, sprung beech slats with top slat rubbers for edge to edge comfort and an independent five part adjustable frame with tension sliders for lumbar adjustment and sprung shoulder zones for added comfort.
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This adjustable electric bed also includes splash proof motors, non slip base panel and a multi-slat motorised frame operated by the easy to use 6 button handset.


  • Sprung shoulder zones for added comfort
  • Solid wood slatted base rails
  • 4 flag-stitched handles
  • 6 button deluxe handset for ease of use
  • Sprung beech slats
  • Brass ventilators

Mattress Options

  • Pocket Sprung Mattress:
    Includes 1,000 spring count, deep filled with extra layers of filling 
  • Memory Foam Mattress:
    Made from 80mm of V60 Viscoe Elastic memory foam on 90mm base of deep quilted foam, with a zip off "wavey line" washable cover


  • Length: 200cm (6ft 7”)
  • Mattress Height: 59cm (23")
  • Base Height: 36cm (14”)
  • Headboard Height: 130cm (51")
  • Footboard Height: 75cm (30”)
  • Mattress Depth: 23cm (9”)
  • Base Ground Clearance: 11cm (4")
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kgs (18 stone)

When ever looking at an adaptable bed, the most important part is the particular mattress, it has to have great flexibility and resilience. It must flex and flex to follow the figuration of the base, but nevertheless keeping its support and structural integrity for your body. Adjustable beds typically make use of mattress models that are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or airbed. As these enable this bending while using outstanding body care. Everybody has different likes with mattresses with some taste a tough mattress and others favoring a softer feeling.
Its additionally true that this is an essential concern for individuals suffering back or other joint conditions.
Taking into consideration we devote over a 3rd of our life in bed, it makes sense to guarantee the finest relaxation and a restful nights rest. But that's not all, a badly assisting or worn-down bed mattress can produce much significantly greater disorders in our each and every day life.

As soon as we fall asleep, we go through a variety of levels of slumber including the essential 'REM' phase, without which we very soon begin experiencing the day time results of feeling tired, fatigued, demanding maybe even to the stage of depression or ending up being delusional from inadequate of adequate deep sleeping. The longer term result on our body and its health can be extreme. So its very important to make certain your bed has the right comfortableness to suit your actual necessities.

Memory foam or latex mattresses are normally the absolute best selection as they provide the ultimate adaptability and assistance. Although caution should be taken, as cheap memory foam or latex mattresses can generate pain and not last long so only handle a trusted retailer employing premium foam and components as it will keep its support and sturdiness throughout a long period.

Innerspring and air beds can likewise be utilized on flexible bases and reclining beds, although there are some things you understand.
Innerspring utilize the conventional coiled springs with a quilted top, makings them significantly stiffer. Because of this with a reclining bed or changeable base, they are usually not sufficiently flexible enough. However some manufacturers use more pliable designs to utilize with adjustable beds.
Innerspring are still common as they are generally less expensive than foam, however with decreased performance. Also Innerspring mattresses are known to develop pressure places and there minimal adjustability requires replacing more frequently. Therefore unless your on a really stringent budget with no choice, do not get an inner sprung mattress for an adjustable bed.

Air beds have interior air chambers providing you the alternative to change their assistance with expanding or lessening air pressure. However make certain its the type with 'several' chambers and never a singular chamber airbed as it will certainly not perform as the bed base modifies and become too hard and loose its shape.

Latex foam mattresses are One Hundred Percent foam and reasonably efficient at protecting against pain and pressure points. Though due to them being more hard, they are rather bouncy and remember to use a less thick one if its for an adjustable bed. If you like a very firm bed, then this would certainly deserve thinking about, although including a memory foam mattress topper will certainly offer you simultaneously the rigid assistance and luxurious coziness.

Memory foam may be the most expensive solution however important if you wish to take pleasure in the convenience when used with an adjustable bed. Its natural shape adjusting properties follows the beds change and the physical assistance is complete heaven. Memory foam is an extremely distinct product as it disburses your body weight evenly over the expanse, removing pressure spots particularly around the waist and shoulders. It was NASA researchers that created the technique of viscose pliable foam as its called, to cushion the affects of G forces throughout take off.

Adjustable beds been available in lots of selections of construction nowadays from unique adjustable beds for young children to more substantial bariatric beds for overweight users. The most common being the regular top and bottom adjusting single or double beds. Some use not automatic change nevertheless many are motorised and double beds can have independent operation over either half to please the demands of a married couple. Some beds also have integrated in rubbing systems. Then you have bariatrics or medical category beds for those with extra unique requirements.
Whichever your demands, there is a substantial selection of beds available at MobilityUK.

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Note* UK VAT, in most cases all disability equipment including special beds are classed as VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations and proflling beds. Read more and where to apply on our Financial Assistance page.