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Adjustable Bed With Battery Back Up
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Solite 4 Adjustable Bed With Battery Back Up from £835.00

The Betterlife Full Profiling, electrically operated, bed has been developed specifically for use in the home sector though its aesthetically pleasing design. It delivers a high degree of independence and freedom of movement through profiling features for the users and carers alike. Offering electrically adjustable bed height, independent operation of the foot and head ends for drainage needs, variable adjustable backrest and two way knee break facilities. This bed delivers almost complete independence for the user and offers greatly reduced manual handling issues for the carer.
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This bed has been designed to mirror the operations of fully electrical profiling hospital beds for caring purposes, yet blends into the domestic environment. It has been designed for quick and simple, yet safe, assembly. The bed incorporates a central channel section with through bolt and locking clip, together with wedge features to locate the head and foot ends. It is rigid when assembled and detachment through user movement is impossible. The bed is easily assembled or disassembled by one person working alone, without the need for special hand tools. Adding to ease of storage, movement and assembly, the bed is made up of four component sections, the heaviest being only 20.6kgs. Bed now comes with full Battery Back Up & Lockout Handset!!


  • 12 months guarantee for full parts and labour, plus an extended warranty for a further 2 years on parts only
  • Electrically operated variable height for ease of access and to assist the work of the carer, reducing patient lifting and handling
  • Single handset controls all electrically operated functions
  • Infinitely variable tilt and reverse tilt positioning (Trendellenberg)
  • Four brake castors, for ease of manoeuvrability and added safety
  • Attractive domestic appearance with light oak head and foot ends, and special scratch-resistant magnolia coating to all metal parts


  • Overall length: 2190mm
  • Overall width: 950mm
  • Maximum mattress platform height: 735mm
  • Minimum mattress platform height: 330mm
  • Contour Mattress Weight :  12kg
  • Castor size: 100mm
  • Maximum user weight: 180kgs
  • Minimum under bed clearance: 290mm
  • Bed weight (including rails) 82kgs
  • Dimensions when folded 125cm x 95cm x 54cm

NB: On the Betterlife range of hospital beds, the mattress platform is capable of lowering to a height of only 330mm (13") and raises to a height of 735mm (29")

When looking at an adjustable bed, the most important part is the bed mattress, it needs to have great versatility and resilience. It needs to deviate and flex to abide by the contour of the base, but nevertheless preserving its support and structural integrity with regard to your physique. Adaptable beds usually use mattresses that are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or airbed. As these enable that folding whilst using exceptional body assistance. Everybody has various preference with mattresses with some taste a hard mattress and some people preferring a softer feeling.
Its likewise true that this is a crucial concern for those suffering back or various other joint conditions.
Taking into consideration we spend over a third of our existence in bed, it makes sense to provide the ultimate convenience and a tranquil nights rest. But that's not all, a badly assisting or worn-down bed mattress can develop considerably significantly greater issues in our each and every day life.

Whenever we go to sleep, we go through different levels of sleep including the extremely critical 'Rapid Eye Movement' period, without which we quickly start feeling the day impacts of experiencing tired, sluggish, tense maybe even to the stage of anxiety or becoming delusional from inadequacy of essential deep slumber. The longer phrase result on our body and its health can be serious. So its extremely important to make certain your bed has the best comfortableness to suit your real requirements.

Memory foam or latex mattresses are usually the most ideal option as they provide the best flexibility and support. Though care needs to be taken, as low-cost memory foam or latex mattresses can generate displeasure and not last long so solely deal with a trusted seller using quality foam and components as it will provide its support and resilience over an extended period.

Innerspring and air beds can likewise be used on flexible bases and reclining beds, although there are a few things you be mindful of.
Innerspring use the standard coiled springs with a padded top, which makes them distinctly stiffer. For that reason with a reclining bed or flexible base, they are normally not adequately flexible enough. However some manufacturers supply more pliable models to employ with adjustable beds.
Innerspring are still common as they are generally more affordable than foam, but with reduced performance. In addition Innerspring mattresses are known to create compression points and there limited flexibility requires replacing more frequently. So unless your on a very strict budget with no option, don't ever get an inner sprung mattress for an adjustable bed.

Air beds have internal air chambers offering you the choice to readjust their assistance with boosting or decreasing atmospheric pressure. Nevertheless make certain its the type with 'numerous' chambers and never a single chamber airbed as it will certainly not function as the bed base modifies and come to be too hard and loose its shape.

Latex foam mattresses are One Hundred Percent foam and fairly effective at preventing pain and high pressure points. Though due to them being definitely more hard, they are relatively bouncy and remember to utilize a less thick one if its for an adjustable bed. If you like an extremely firm bed, then this would definitely be worth considering, though including a memory foam mattress topper will certainly provide you simultaneously the firm assistance and elegant comfort.

Memory foam might be the most pricey answer but necessary if you want to enjoy the satisfaction when made use of with an adjustable bed. Its inherent shape adjusting properties follows the beds modification and the bodily support is absolute dreamland. Memory foam is a remarkably special substance as it disburses your body weight uniformly over the expanse, removing pressure levels especially all around the hips and shoulders. It was NASA researchers that created the technique of viscose elastic foam as its called, to support the influences of G pressures throughout take off.

Adjustable beds been available in lots of choices of construction these days from very special adjustable beds for children to larger bariatric beds for weighty people. The most popular being the typical top and bottom adjusting single or dual beds. Some use not automatic change nevertheless most are motorised and double beds can have unconnected function over either half to please the needs of a twosome. Some beds also have actually incorporated in stimulating systems. Then you have bariatrics or health care kind beds for those with added special needs.
Whichever your necessities, there is a big assortment of beds available at MobilityUK.

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Note* UK VAT, in many cases disability equipment including profile and bariatricl beds are VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or financial assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations and proflling beds. Read more and where to apply on our Financial Assistance page.