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Full Profiling Adjustable Bed
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Full Profiling Adjustable Height Homecare Bed from £509.15

This profiling bed is fully adjustable with the function of its fully adjustable backrest and knee break able to work independently of each other as well as operated automatically together. The bed also features a fully electrical "vertical height adjustable" platform to reduce caring needs and to assist getting onto and off the bed.
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This care bed also comes with two independent drop down rail sides in a natural beech finish to keep the user safe whilst in bed, though these can be easily removed and put away in storage.


  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • High and low height adjustment
  • Backrest and knee break can be operated automatically and independently of each other
  • Four position mattress support – multi adjustable
  • Two independent drop down rails
  • Natural beech finish
  • Easy to use control unit
  • Fully adjustable backrest
  • 4 brake castors
  • 24 Months Warranty


  • Overall Length: 214cm (84”)
  • Overall Width: 104cm (41")
  • Length of Mattress: 198.12cms (78")
  • Headboard Height: 82-127cm (35-50”)
  • Base Height: 40-80cm (16-32”) (Not Inc Mattress)
  • Height to top of Patient Helper: 178-218cm (70-86”)
  • Weight: 112kgs (246.9lbs)
  • Maximum User Weight: 175kgs (385lbs)
  • Backrest angle adjustment: 0-70 degree
  • Knee angle adjustment: 0-20 degree
  • Mattress Options

Features of Homecare Mattress

  • Reflex foam construction
  • Can be used on profiling bed and divan beds alike
  • Month indicator at foot end of mattress cover
  • Cover can be wiped clean or laundered
  • Breathable and waterproof cover
  • Flame retardant cover and foam
  • 2 year warranty on outer cover
  • 3 year warranty on foam interior
  • 4.9" Depth

Please Note - The patient helper grab rail shown in the image is sold separately

Whenever contemplating a flexible bed, the most important part is the particular mattress, it has to have very good versatility and resilience. It should bend and bend to abide by the shape of the bottom, but still keeping its assistance and structural integrity for your body. Adjustable beds normally utilize mattress models that are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or airbed. As these permit this flexing whilst providing outstanding body assistance. Every person has various preference with mattresses with some preference a tough bed mattress and some people favoring a softer experience.
Its likewise true that this is an essential point to consider for those suffering back or additional joint issues.
Considering we spend over a 3rd of our life in bed, it makes sense to assure the finest relaxation and a tranquil nights rest. Though that's not all, an improperly assisting or broken bed mattress can produce much greater disorders in our every day life.

Whenever we sleep, we go through several periods of sleeping consisting of the critically important 'Rapid Eye Movement' period, in the absence of which we pretty soon start off experiencing the day time effects of feeling worn out, lethargic, tense even to the point of despondency or developing into delusional from absence of sufficient deep sleep. The longer phrase impact on our body and its health can be significant. So its essential to make sure your bed has the right comfort to satisfy your physical necessities.

Memory foam or latex mattresses are normally the absolute best option as they provide the best overall flexibility and support. Though care should be taken, as low-cost memory foam or latex mattresses can generate pain and not actually last very long so solely handle a trusted retailer using high quality foam and materials as it will preserve its support and resilience throughout an extended period.

Innerspring and air beds may additionally be used on flexible bases and reclining beds, though there are some factors you understand.
Innerspring utilize the basic coiled springs with a quilted top, makings them notably stiffer. Because of this with a reclining bed or flexible base, they are generally not sufficiently versatile enough. Though many makers use more pliable types to employ with adjustable beds.
Innerspring are still popular as they are cheaper than foam, however with diminished performance. Likewise Innerspring mattresses are known to form pressure places and there minimal adjustability requires replacement more frequently. Therefore unless your on an incredibly strict budget without having any choice, do not buy an inner sprung mattress for an adjustable bed.

Air beds have inner air chambers giving you the alternative to regulate their support with expanding or decreasing air pressure. However make certain its the kind with 'multiple' chambers and never ever a singular chamber airbed as it will certainly not function as the bed base modifies and become too stiff and loose its shape.

Latex foam mattresses are 100 percent foam and reasonably effective at avoiding discomfort and high pressure points. Though as a result of to them being more firm, they are a little bit bouncy and keep in mind to utilize a less thick one if its for an adjustable bed. Should you like a very hard bed, then this would certainly be worth taking into consideration, although adding a memory foam mattress topper will certainly offer you both the firm relief and glamorous convenience.

Memory foam may be the most expensive remedy however essential if you wish to enjoy the coziness when employed with an adaptable bed. Its natural figure adjusting properties follows the beds adjustment and the physical support is outright paradise. Memory foam is a remarkably special product as it disperses your body weight evenly over the expanse, getting rid of pressure points particularly around the hips and shoulders. It was NASA chemists that created the concept of viscose pliable foam as its called, to support the influences of G forces during take off.

Adjustable beds can be found in lots of options of style nowadays from very special adjustable beds for kids to more substantial bariatric beds for overweight users. The most popular being the standard top and bottom adjusting single or double beds. Some utilize manual adjustment nevertheless a lot of are motorised and double beds can have separate operation over either half to appease the demands of a married couple. Certain beds even have built in massaging systems. After that you have bariatrics or therapeutical type beds for people with additional significant requirements.
No matter what your necessities, there is a huge choice of beds readily available at MobilityUK.

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Note* UK VAT, in many cases disability equipment including profile and bariatric beds are VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or financial assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations and proflling beds. Read more and where to apply on our Financial Assistance page.