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If you have difficulty or need support getting in or out of bed or typically find beds too high or uncomfortable, then a profiling or bariatric adjustable bed could be the answer. For use at home or in care establishments, profiling  and bariatric beds offer a wide variety of choices. Our range of flexible frameworks can be altered to suit individual needs and give you the best rest possible.

TIP: A larger person will need a wider bed to enable them to turn safely without falling out. If however, help is required to turn over, a wider bed could present problems to the carers because they have to reach across the width of the bed to give assistance. It may therefore be necessary to utilize a bedside patient hoist in such cases.

Profiling and Bariatric Adjustable Beds
  Extra Wide Adjustable Profiling Bed for private users or care homes from: £1844.00
Bariatric bed
This Bariatric bed comes equipped with a variety of features to ensure that you are always at your most comfortable from: £1494.00
electrically operated bed
Betterlife Full Profiling electrically operated bed has been developed specifically for use in the home sector with battery back up from: £835.00
Full Profiling Adjustable Bed
Bradshaw Full Profiling Adjustable Bed features an attractive domestic appearance, manufactured with high quality wooden head rest, foot ends and full length integral wooden side rails from: £835.00
Homecare Adjustable Beds
Full Profiling Adjustable Height Home care Bed fully adjustable with the function of its fully adjustable backrest and knee break able to work independently of each other from £509.15
Adjustable Homecare Bed
Fully Adjustable Home care Bed 6 different foot positions, 4 brake castors and 4 section fully profiling metal mesh mattress support from £444.00
Junior Electric Bed
Harvest Junior Electric Bed is a 4 section platform base with wooden slats, made from a decorative beech wood. The height is adjustable and has multi-position side rails for safety £3499.00
Medley Homecare Bed
Invacare Medley Home care Bed the perfect balance of budget, functionality and quality requirements within the home from: £494.00
Low Bariatric Adjustable Beds
Bradshaw Low Bariatric Adjustable Care Bed designed to provide a robust and sturdy bed for bariatric use in the Community, Nursing and Residential Care markets from £2799.00
Profiling Adjustable Bed
Bradshaw Low Full Profiling Adjustable Bed developed to offer the user the opportunity to set the mattress platform at a very low height (8"/20cm) as well as offering electric back rest and knee break functions from: £1195.00

Also see our range of Single Adjustable Beds and Double Adjustable Beds

Profiling care beds get their name from the 'profiling platform' that the mattress lays on. Most profiling bed platforms are electrically operated and have 4-sections, including a knee-break to encourage movement in the user's legs, and a back/head rest that enables the user to sit up in bed without assistance from a carer.
Many such beds have fall prevention side rails, and are designed for disabled or those with severe illness. They are used in professionally in care homes, hospitals and domestic care in the home to assist in the care and mobility of the user, while offering greater capabilities for the carer.

What is a Bariatric bed?
The term 'Bariatric' gained popularity in the 60's and is from three parts of the Greek language. 'bar' from barometer, 'iatr' from treatment, 'ic' for pertaining to.
In general, Bariatric's embraces dieting and loosing weight and commonly associated with Obesity. Bariatric beds therefore are generally used for larger people and those with weight and/or obesity problems and must have features and functions specifically for a larger person.

Due to the extra size of a Bariatric bed, before purchase one must ensure adequate space in the room its to be used in. Another prime factor for consideration is the weight limitations of the bed. Many people purchase an inadequate weight loading to save money on the cost. However this can be very dangerous to the patient. The bed must be able to adjust to different widths and be raised or lowered. Like an ordinary electric bed, a Bariatric bed must be able to adjust up and down the upper and lower part of the body. The ability to raise the bottom part may be vital for an overweight person to drain fluid from the legs and equally, the top of the bed should be risible as such over weight people may suffer from acid-reflux or breathing difficulties.

A Bariatric bed that raises up may be essential to carers giving assistance and equally, lowering gives easier access to the patient to get in and out of bed.

Another crucial part that needs attention is the mattress itself and the covering. The mattress should be sprung and sturdy enough with a memory foam topping for added comfort. Its also important that the covering sheet has a low friction so as not to roughen the patients skin as bed sores are very common in such cases.

Many bariatric patients have co-morbidities: That is, physiological responses to obesity such as pseudo tumor cerebri; reflux esophagitis; dermatitis; lower-limb circulatory stasis; abdominal hernias: ulcers; thrombophlebitis or hypertension and nephritic syndrome. Hence why there are many variants of Bariatric beds to accommodate such side effect issues the patient may have.

In addition to the Bariatric bed itself, inducing as much activity into the patients life as possible is of prime importance.
Reference: A greater understanding of Bariatric's

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