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Mobility UK's stock of single adjustable beds sprung and memory foam models for the best in comfort AND, many discounted with 40% off retail price.

If you have problems with getting in and out of bed or often have an uncomfortable night's sleep, then an electrically operated single bed could be the remedy you're looking for. A single adjustable bed could be an easy solution to ease pain and get a higher quality of rest while sleeping or just relaxing. Our series of flexible frameworks can be increased or decreased to ensure you're getting the best rest possible. They are also ideal for resting on during the day. Do read our article on the different types of mattresses as this is a very important factor to perfect operation of the bed itself and the way it gives support to your body.

Also see our range of Double Adjustable Beds and Profiling / Bariatric Beds

For more information on any of the adjustable single beds in our range, contact us today to review your requirements. We offer a wide range of adjustable beds, that include memory foam and pocket sprung bed mattress, flexible beds with raising frameworks and bariatric adjustable beds. Modern designs have revolutionized the old fashioned mechanically or electrically adjusting bed frames. Later designs incorporated not only more pleasing looks but sophisticated electronics that give your adjustment needs a smoother and more exact experience. Many have optional extras such as remote control and built in body massaging units. Our beds are available in a series of colours as well as finishes, including natural leather and also wood, so they could fit subtly right into any type of bedroom.

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