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Serena Pocket Sprung Adjustable Bed
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Serena Pocket Sprung Adjustable Bed from £338.00

The Serena Adjustable Bed features a luxurious, deep mattress for premium comfort and support. Its soft, fabric base holds a fully adjustable profiling frame that can be raised and lowered to your desired position providing you with additional comfort and independence. The unique frame incorporates 33 sprung slats that conform and adjust according to the applied pressure whilst providing you with relief and relaxation throughout the night.
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This adjustable Bed includes a 800ct pocket sprung mattress with a knitted, stretch top panel for gentle, soft comfort. Its five fold adjustable base comes with a complete choice of settings to help you find your perfect position and ensure relief for your five key areas; knees, hips, back, neck and head.


  • Mattress firmness rating of soft - medium
  • Includes deluxe 800ct pocket sprung mattress
  • 5 part adjustable frame (including neck, back and knee adjustment)
  • Multi-slat motorised unit with 6 button, low voltage, deluxe handset
  • Weight adjuster zone in lumbar region
  • Quiet operation from nylon bushed, metal fittings
  • Fully integrated 33 sprung slats
  • Made in the Midlands, UK


  • Length: 201cm (6ft 6")
  • Base Height: 38cm (15")
  • Mattress Depth: 25cm (10")
  • Base Ground Clearance: 5cm (2")
  • Total Height: 63cm (25")
  • Adjustment: Shoulder section: 60°, Neck section: 90°
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kgs (18 stone)

Massage system

  • Four, vibration intensity and speed programs
  • Infra-red connection
  • Auto turn-off timer for added safety
  • Hand control wand with LED light indicators
  • Ergonomic design hand control wand
  • If ordering on a 4ft 6” or above, please be aware the massage unit would be in the middle unless two are ordered
  • The massage system should not be used if you have a pace maker

When ever contemplating an adaptable bed, the most important part is the mattress, it has to have great flexibility and resilience. It must deviate and contract to abide by the figuration of the base, yet nevertheless maintaining its assistance and structural stability with regard to your physique. Adaptable beds usually utilize mattress models that are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or airbed. Since these allow for that contracting whilst offering superb body care. Everyone has many different likes with mattresses with some preference a hard bed mattress and others favoring a softer feeling.
Its additionally true that this is an essential concern for those going through back or various other joint conditions.
Taking into consideration we spend over a third of our existence in bed, it makes sense to make sure the greatest convenience and a peaceful nights rest. However that's not all, a badly supporting or broken mattress can create much significantly greater complications in our each and every day life.

As soon as we go to sleep, we go through several periods of sleeping consisting of the essential 'Rapid Eye Movement' stage, in the absence of which we pretty soon start experiencing the day results of experiencing worn out, lethargic, difficult even to the point of anxiety or becoming delusional from deprivation of adequate deep sleep. The lengthier term impact on our body and its health can be extreme. So its extremely important to make sure your bed has the right comfortableness to satisfy your real wishes.

Memory foam or latex mattresses are usually the ideal choice as they provide the best flexibility and assistance. Although care must be taken, as low-cost memory foam or latex mattresses can create displeasure and not last long so exclusively handle a respectable retailer using premium foam and fabrics as it will maintain its assistance and strength throughout an extended period.

Innerspring and air beds may likewise be made use of on adjustable bases and reclining beds, although there are some factors you be aware of.
Innerspring utilize the standard coiled springs with a quilted top, that makes them significantly stiffer. Therefore with a reclining bed or flexible base, they are generally not sufficiently versatile enough. However several producers provide more versatile versions to employ with adjustable beds.
Innerspring are still common as they are cheaper than foam, however with diminished effectiveness. Likewise Innerspring mattresses are perceived to form pressure places and there reasonably limited adjustability demands replacement more frequently. Therefore unless your on an extremely strict budget without any choice, don't ever get an inner sprung bed mattress for an adjustable bed.

Air beds have interior air chambers giving you the choice to regulate their assistance with expanding or decreasing atmospheric pressure. However make certain its the type with 'a number of' chambers and certainly never a singular chamber airbed as it will certainly not operate as the bed base transforms and come to be too hard and loose its shape.

Latex foam mattresses are 100 percent foam and reasonably effective at preventing pain and pressure points. Though as a result of to them being more rigid, they are relatively bouncy and bear in mind to use a less thick one if its for an adjustable bed. If you enjoy a really hard bed, then this would deserve taking into consideration, though including a memory foam topper will give you both the rigid relief and glamorous convenience.

Memory foam might possibly be the most expensive response nevertheless important if you desire to enjoy the coziness when used with an adjustable bed. Its inherent figure adjusting properties follows the beds adjusting and the physical assistance is complete nirvana. Memory foam is a very special product as it distributes your weight uniformly over the surface, getting rid of pressure spots most notably around the waist and shoulders. It was NASA scientists that devised the technique of viscose pliable foam as its called, to cushion the affects of G pressures during the course of take off.

Adjustable beds been available in several choices of design these days from special adjustable beds for young children to larger bariatric beds for weighty individuals. The most common being the typical top and bottom adjusting singular or double beds. Some use manual modification nevertheless most are motorised and double beds can have individual function over either half to appease the demands of a husband and wife. Certain beds even have incorporated in massaging devices. Then you have bariatrics or therapeutical category beds for people with added significant needs.
Whatever your necessities, there is a huge selection of beds available at MobilityUK.

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Note* UK VAT, in many cases disability equipment including profile and bariatric beds are VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or financial assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations and proflling beds. Read more and how to apply on our Financial Assistance page.