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Alternating Air Bariatric Mattress
Galaxy 2000 Alternating Air Bariatric Mattress
Galaxy 2000 Alternating Air Bariatric Mattress from £2469.00
The Galaxy 2000 Alternating Air Mattress is the ultimate in patient care designed for the heavy use of nursing home and hospital usage where reliability is of absolute paramount importance and suitable for High Risk patients. It can reduce recovery times by helping to eliminate pressure ulcers. Its a robust full replacement alternating air mattress which is suited for steep profiling beds and comprise of foam side edges for easy transfer. There is a foam lower deck, manual pressure setting and are suitable for acute or community use and bariatric.
Unlike other alternating air mattresses, it includes a unique hinging mechanism that enables the mattresses to be inclined to up to 50 degrees. This combined with the use of circular air cells which cannot topple, it helps prevent patients sliding down the bed, premature cell compression wear and tear and potential malfunction in the critical sacrum area. Manufactured in polyurethane with individually replaceable air cells, CPR deflation, 15-minute alternating cycle, 60 degree hinge for profiling beds and waterproof, vapour permeable cover. Several sizes available and wide versions are suitable for bariatrics up to 45 and 65 stone patients.
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Article 2017

Compression sores are normally a routine concern amidst patients devoting a significant amount of days in bed. Reduced motion, lengthened time spent in just one position, and also modified eating habits helps make all these patients being prime targets for body skin problems together with sores coming about.

Bed sores together with boils hurt. As a care giver, among the crucial actions one can do is generally to manage to keep the patient most comfortable and to reduce the chances of sores from forming in the first place.

Turning a person who is bed bound is certainly an essential thing you could do to minimize the risk of pressure ulcers from developing. Frequent turning alternates places of heaviness at bony places of the physique, like the lower spine, waist, elbows, and heel bone.

One should certainly anticipate changing the man or woman every 2 hrs, varying between the right and left sides and laying them horizontal upon their back. Pretty much every 2 hours is generally appropriate but if you and the patient are slumbering conveniently, leave well enough alone. In the event that they do wake you up in the middle of the night time for which ever reason, do utilize such opportunity to turn them.

While you're settling them in the bed, cushions are really good.

Make use of one under the back to prop them to one side then placing a cushion in between their knees. Make use of a separate pillow beneath the ankles to keep the heels floating without restraint away from the bed. The same applies to someone having to spend considerable time in a recliner chair, repositioning them regularly is important. In this case, compatible rear wedges as well as seating cushions are able to aid.

Certainly using the proper specific mattress intended for the bed is really essential along with including a non abrasive and breathable bed mattress topper that's quite easily taken off.
Bariatric type mattresses are normally fabricated from higher density foam that uses the preferred characteristics for a patient spending a good deal of time within bed.
Acquiring additional bed devices may equally assist a lot in assisting and motivating the person to shift more often. Products like bedside over tables, bed clutch rails, added foam back and physical body supports, and even overhead hoist lifts and also an adjustable electrical bariatric bed chassis.
These are just a few suggestions on aiding individuals that spend considerable time sitting in one particular posture and reduce the chances of the occurrence of bed sores or ulcers while at the same time increasing their coziness.

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