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Cost effective alternating overlay air mattress
Alternating overlay air mattress
Alternating overlay air mattress £1149
The Supreme system is a cost effective solution for hospitals as well as nursing and care home environments. The Supreme is an alternating overlay air mattress for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in high risk patients. The system works on a proven alternating principle resulting in maximum patient comfort whilst achieving optimum pressure relief.
Comprises of and alternating air overlay system with single button controls and visual low pressure indicator. Very quite operation and built in mains failure alarm. The Size is: 1980 x 850 x 130mm
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Article 2017

Compression ulcers are a natural condition among patients devoting a high amount of period of time located in bed. Declined motions, lengthened time devoted in one position, and changed diet program leads to all of these patients being primary victims to get dermis troubles and also sores developing.

Mattress sores and boils are agonizing. As a care giver, one particular of the most crucial things one can do is to try to keep the patient comfy and to help prevent ulcers from forming in the first place.

Moving a person that is confined to bed is the utmost important thing you can easily do to reduce the chances of high pressure ulcers from materializing. Periodic turning alternates locations of heaviness on the bony places of the physique, like the lower spine, hips, elbow joints, and heel bone.

You should certainly anticipate moving the individual pretty much every two hours, varying in between the right and left sides and laying them flat upon their back. Each 2 hrs is generally perfect however, in the event that you and the person are sleeping comfortably, leave well enough alone. In case they do wake you up during the course of the middle of the night for any reason, do utilize such chance to turn them.

Anytime you're settling them in the bed, pillows are very handy.

Use one of these under the back to support them to one side subsequently placing a pillow in between their knees. Utilize an additional pillow beneath the ankle joints to keep the heels hovering freely away from the bed. The very same applies to someone having to spend time in a recliner armchair, repositioning them on a regular basis is necessary. In this case, compatible posterior wedges and also sitting cushions can aid.

Clearly choosing the appropriate type of mattress for the bed is certainly essential in addition to featuring a non abrasive and breathable mattress topper that's conveniently removed.
Bariatric style bed mattress are ordinarily fabricated from superior density foam that gives the desired qualities for a patient spending a great deal of time inside bed.
Providing different bed additions will furthermore aid a lot in helping and enticing the patient to move more often. Items such as bedside over tables, bed grab rails, extra foam back or body supports, or perhaps overhanging hoist lifts and an adaptable electrically powered bariatric bed framework.
These are merely a couple of solutions on supporting people that spend appreciable time sitting in a single position and prevent the event of bed sores or ulcers while at the same time maximizing their coziness.

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