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At the Mobility UK Superstore, we have hundreds of accessories and aids to make life easier for you. Browse through our latest selection of mobility and disability bedroom equipment items to make life more comfortable. Whether its a mattress protector, bed topping, safety rails or complete mattress solutions, you can find it here at the Mobility UK Superstore.

Bed Wedge £51.59

Bed Relaxer £41.99

Ripple Mattress Overlay £51.59

Leg Raiser £29.93

Mattress Tilter £22.99

 Multi Position Back Rest £18.48

Pillow Lift £359

Electric Pillow Lifter £359

Visco Memory Overlays £249

Bariactric Body-foam Mattress £749

Casasolo Profiling Care Mattress £179

Acclaim VE Classic £299

Acclaim Profiler £309

Softrest Mattress £165

Softrest Thin £149

Harvest Partnership Topper £1879

Foam Mattress Topper £77.99

Anti Allergenic Mattress Protectors £5.99

Harvest Supreme Extra £999

Contour Profiling Mattress £199

Galaxy 2000 Alternating Air Mattress £2149

Harvest Crash Mat £50.99

Protect a Bed Mattress Protector £12.99

Sealed Waterproof Duvets Pillows £5.29

Polyester Water Resistant Duvet £6.99

Poly-cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector £9.99

Footstool with Drawers £8.63

Rocking Leg Rest £9.59

Crash Mats £79

Full Length Buffer Pads £99

Bed Safety Rails £99

Grange Adjustable Bed Side Rails £199

Eland Grab Rail £50

Harvest Folding Bed Bumper £61.99

Harvest Supreme £819

Dynamic Air Plus Mattress System £1569

Harvest Tea Cosy Bumper £72

Safe Side Mesh Side Rails £

Harvest Two Bar Bumper £115

Bed Rail Safety Bumpers £199

Harvest Ultra Safe Cocoon £819

High Bed Sided Bumpers £50.99

Dublin Lift Ease £29.90

Metal Tubular Bed Side Rails £349

Folding Blanket Cradle £19.95

Deluxe Easy Rider with Loop Handles £34.90

Easy-leaver Bed Rail £74.99

Bed Leaver £62

Parnell Premier Grab Rail £174

Pullman Patient Helper £117

Rest Easy Mattress Elevator £439

Parnell Premier Cot Side Bed Rail £269

Don’t forget to check out our other products such as medical supplies, bariatric beds, elevating riser chairs, orthopaedic and relaxing chairs, over tables, bed accessories and a whole lot more at the Mobility UK Superstore.
Prices are indicative of normal sale price only. Many items are discounted on our Superstore sales page with up to 50% discount on some items - Click an image to find out latest prices.

Article 2017

Home treatment medical equipment is designed for usage in any environment away from a healthcare center. The user could be a client, caregiver, or relative who personally uses the home care medical accessory or delivers help and support in making use of the medical equipment.
A qualified healthcare professional is a registered or non-licensed health expert with practiced abilities and competence in making use of the medical device such that these individuals can aid or coach other individuals and carers to utilize and keep the device functioning.
The home care medical supplies market is made up principally of motorized wheel chairs, scooters, oxygen treatment method machine, accessibility beds, lifts, and bathrooms, which have actually till recently been marketed predominantly by means of distributors. As patients move to using home care professional services for recovery or permanent care, the home care medical products are vital for their treatment. As a result, complex healthcare devices are used more commonly in the house, sometimes under unsuitable conditions. This in turn has negative implications on the security and reliable performance of these home-care healthcare devices, specifically those having advanced qualifications for proper operation or management.

The geriatric population are reliant on support for ability to move. Wheelchair technological advances is advancing to provide people with impairments significantly greater flexibility. Ability to move of these people with disabilities depends upon a wheelchair which fixes the capability to higher degree. Electric and manual wheelchairs are used by people trusting in on their requirements. Lots of concerns impact the choice of a motorized wheel chair, for example, some clients try to find cost efficient gadgets and compensation availability. Health care personal mobility scooters is a fast growing sector in the international home-care medical devices market place owing to its feature of movement for the maturing population and their efficiency in an external environment. A major driver of the global house care health-related products is the expanding incidence of Serious Obstructive Pulmonary Condition (COPD) and additional breathing situations in which oxygen has the ability to enhance the lifestyle substantially. Easily transportable gadgets have ended up being affordable and support a mobile way of living even while on oxygen. Stationary oxygen supplies are desired for night operation by sufferers on portable oxygen concentrators during the day. The effect of direct sales made by means of the Internet has caused distribution channel fusion, leading to a decrease in the variety of distributors in the global homecare accessories marketplace.

Based on product type, the international house care medical units market falls into the following types:
Oxygen treatment equipment
Accessibility beds
Medical materials and accessories
Internationally, the medical devices and accessories market for impaired users enjoys lots of billions and escalating progress in innovation are delivering a lot more beneficial devices to the market, so its still quite a growth business.

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Note* UK VAT, in many cases mobility accessories including wheelchairs and scooters are classed as VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations, wheelchairs and scooters. Read more and where to apply on our 'Financial Assistance' page.