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Elephant Feet Bed or Chair Height Raisers
Elephant Feet Bed or Chair Height Raisers
Elephant Feet Bed & Chair Height Raisers 14.99
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Simply place under chairs or beds to raise the height. Simple strong one-piece grey or black plastic blends with any furniture. Extra wide top will support most types of furniture leg. A central recess allows castors to safely locate for stability.
Elephant Feet will accept leg diameters of up to 8.5 cm
Article 2017

Suppliers of professional devices for the disabled and older people, to assist and improve the lives of the physically challenged or their carers in hospitals, nursing homes or private houses.

House care health-related gadgets are planned for usage in any environment away from a competent healthcare unit. The user could be a client, caretaker, or member of the family who straight makes use of the home care medical gadget or delivers help in using the homecare health-related gadget.
A competent health-related expert is a certified or non-licensed healthcare specialist with skilled abilities and proficiency in using the homecare health-related device such that these professionals can help or coach care recipients and caregivers to make use of and keep the device.
The home care medical equipment market place is made up mostly of motorized wheel chairs, mobility scooters, oxygen treatment solution equipment, ease of access beds, lifts, and toilets, which have actually till fairly recently been offered mainly through suppliers. As sufferers relocate to making use of household care support services for recuperation or long-term care, the residential property care medical equipments are vital for their health care. As a consequence, intricate healthcare devices are utilized more often in the home, lot of times under unsuitable situations. This in turn has adverse effects on the security and effective operation of these types of home-care medical devices, even more so those with complicated necessities for proper function or routine maintenance.

The geriatric population depend on support for mobility. Motorized wheel chair technology is advancing to offer folks with impairments better mobility. Movement of these people with disabilities depends upon a wheelchair that resolves the functionality to higher extent. Electric and hand-operated wheelchairs are usually used by individuals trusting in on their prerequisites. Lots of concerns influence the decision of a motorized wheel chair, for example, some patients search for cost effective instruments and compensation schedule. Medical personal mobility scooters is a swift developing segment in the worldwide home-care medical gadgets market place owing to its feature of mobility for the aging populace and their performance in an outside surrounding. A main driver of the worldwide home care health-related accessories is the increasing percentage of Long-term Obstructive Pulmonary Condition (COPD) and additional respiratory disorders where oxygen is able to enhance the lifestyle considerably. Transportable units have actually gotten budget friendly and sustain a mobile lifestyle even while on oxygen. Fixed oxygen supplies are desired for after hours usage by patients on transportable oxygen concentrators throughout the day. The effect of direct sales made by means of the Internet has produced distribution channel fusion, leading to a reduction in the variety of dealers in the global homecare products market.

Based upon goods type, the worldwide house care medical apparatus market falls under the following niches:
Oxygen treatment devices
Ease of access beds
Medical products and devices
Worldwide, the medical devices and devices market for disabled users is into numerous billions and increasing developments in innovation are bringing much more useful devices to the sector, so its still quite a development market.

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Note*UK VAT, mobility accessories including orthopaedic chairs or seating are classed as VAT free. If you need a grant or financial assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as special seating, lifts, adaptations or other equipment, theres information on our 'Financial Assistance' page..