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Hong Kong Recliner Chair & Footstool
Hong Kong Recliner Chair & Footstool
Hong Kong Recliner Chair & Footstool from £299
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Designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation, the Hong Kong Swivel Recliner includes luxurious cushioning on the backrest, headrest, seat and armrests and is covered in high grade chenille upholstery, with extra cushioning on the backrest, headrest, seat and arms. Available in beige, mink or chocolate with a traditionaly designed wooden cherry arms and base.
It also features a 360 swivel action and a manual recline function which allows you to adjust to your perfect position for ultimate relaxation. There is also a matching footstool to give you additional relaxation.

Standard high back and swivel orthopaedic recliners clarified:

When we grow older, being in the same posture for prolonged time spans can become uncomfortable and being in need of assistance or assistance whenever sitting and rising off a chair, also if the chair is too low then our legs, hips or upper arms will not always uphold the body before it gets to the seat when decreasing, resulting in the usual 'putting' down in the chair.

For anybody at all devoting countless hrs in a settled position its most important to obtain a chair that will accommodate particular requisites, specifically in ensuring self-reliance and relaxation. Body size, movability strengths and existing bodily aches or require of help are a few of the important things that will certainly determine the choice of orthopaedic armchair, often referred to as lounge or fireplace chairs.

There are essentially 2 separate styles of orthopaedic relaxing chair classifications. The conventional rigid high back chair, frequently in a 'majestic' model with comfort cushioning and seats. Or the really modern look adjustable reclining chair swivel chair, regularly with paired footstool.
Your choice is merely down to particular requirements. If its only a greater level of convenience and body position, then a reclining swivel chair is excellent. If nonetheless, the seating requirements are a lot more serious due to joint inflammation, infirmity or other corporal restrictions, then a traditional high back chair will certainly look after your requirements far a lot better.

So just what is the perfect seat height for an orthopaedic chair? The perfect seat height can be determined as the distance in between the ground to the back of the knees. When ever seated, the hips and knees must be at correct angles with feet flat on the floor. If you currently own a relaxing chair that's low satisfactorily, there is always the option of risers which can be readily fixed over the chairs feet to raise the armchairs height.

Additional important considerations are the height of the back and the convenience of the seat in itself, bearing in mind that plenty of hours are going to be devoted in the chair. The back height is necessary for two good reasons. First and foremost, it delivers greater comfort for the shoulders and exceeding the neck line. The second thing, a lot of orthopaedic chairs include 'wings' at the chair top which in turn permits the individual to feature a side rest and safety from any drafts. Also, the arm rests of an orthopaedic chair must not only deliver side help nevertheless be the proper height to aid with support while submerging oneself into the chair and also help you when rising. The arm rests should likewise be stuffed for enhanced comfort and suitably wide sufficient to support lower arms whenever in the settled posture.

Senior persons may well have curved back and shoulders forming troubles in getting proper posture support without having using supporting cushions. Persons with a marked back curvature may discover a chair with a softer angled back-rest delivers improved convenience.

Most chairs these days are produced with high quality foam filler to make it possible for an excellent comfort and air movement throughout the material and filling. Some of the higher quality high back and adjustable swivel orthopaedic chairs nowadays utilize memory foam for the best in comfort as well as include tension pain relief characteristics. Older styles relied upon sprung seating which did not give excellent convenience.

In addition to vat relief for orthopaedic high back chairs, you may well be eligibled to a contribution towards the expenditure. A professional therapists from the local adult assistance department can give an analysis and review your needs.

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