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Manhatten Riser Recliner Chair
Manhatten Riser Recliner ChairManhatten Riser Recliner ChairManhatten Riser Recliner Chair
Manhatten Riser Recliner Chair from £409.00
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The Manhatten Riser Recliner Chair has been designed to offer the user with maximum comfort and support. The chair features a comfortable waterfall pillow back design with sumptuous padding on the seating and armrests. The chair has been built with a single motor mechanism for ease of use and comes complete with a two button handset. This allows you to effortlessly raise the chair to an almost standing position or recline to a comfortable snoozing position, making it ideal for anyone who requires assistance when transferring to or from their armchair.


  • Single motor mechanism
  • Finished in a soft to touch, wheat fabric upholstery
  • Complete with easy to use handset
  • Assists the user when transferring to and from the chair
  • Raises to an almost standing position and reclines to a comfortable snooze position
  • Waterfall pillow back design provides maximum comfort and support
  • Storage pocket is ideal for when handset is not in use

Just what to take into consideration when obtaining a riser/ inclining/ reclining chair.
In the event that you are suffering from health issue such as osteoarthritis, asthma, circulation issues and pain in the spine, or in case you while away a great deal of time in an armchair, or just simply experience it very difficult to enter or exit your chair then a riser recliner chair might possibly help. An electrically powered riser or tilting chair is able to help the user get in to and from the chair quickly by increasing and reclining to a fixed or elevated position, taking away the need for the individual to use strength when decreasing or raising themselves in or out of the chair. A large number of chairs have a remote control attached to the chair to make it possible for the individual to get used to a practical and relaxing position.
Coupling the highest in relaxation with a vital mobility help, a riser recliner chair does it all. By means of supporting you to remain independent and producing a massive change to your every day life.

Both of these electric powered and hand-operated adjusting riser chairs have a lot of features that require a little room to take full advantage of. Whenever considering where you wish to position your chair, you will need to possess ample space to totally stretch out the chair and you will need to think of the riser feature to make certain you can stand comfortably with no obstruction from various other furnishings.
Rise and recline chairs are electrically operated and generally power by mains electricity. Some chairs come equipped with battery backup so the chair can be handled during an electricity cut. There are a couple of primary variations offered, those being single drive mechanism or double motor. The individual motor chair will rise and lower the person and capability to regulate both the spine and foot rest, whereas on the twin motor chairs the back and foot rests can be adjusted independently provided better seating positions and convenience.
Another aspect that you must to take into consideration is that if the riser recliner chair is not manual and electrically run and will need to have an accessible power point / electrical source.

You have to ensure you pick the best size of chair, so it is necessary that you pick the perfect size (width, height and depth) to fit your personal dimensions for highest relaxation and support.
Check the chair dimensions of the chair you want, consisting of the dimensions for the reclining operation. While many riser recliner chairs are a similar size to a regular armchair, it's still worth determining the location in your residential property where the chair will be put to guarantee it will fit. You may additionally wish to think about the weightiness of the chair if you expect that you may have to move it around regularly. Some models are more compact and light-weight than many others, which could be perfect if you're short on floor living space.

Riser, reclining and inclining chairs can come with several additional functions, while very top of the variety adjustable chairs can come with warmed or integrated in massaging.

There are various styles of rise and recline chairs, which use different levels of support and comfort. Before acquiring, factor to consider must be offered to the level of comfort and support used, as mentioned above, the size of the individual ought to additionally be thought about. The like ordinary chairs and sofas, riser recliner chair chairs are obtainable in different colours and in the market in a variety of textiles, including natural leather.

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