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Quebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair
Quebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair Quebec Riser Recliner ChairRiser Recliner ChairQuebec Single Motor RiserQuebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair
Quebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair from £320.00
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The Quebec Riser Recliner Chair has been designed to offer the user with maximum comfort and support. The chair features a comfortable pillow back design with sumptuous padding on the seating and armrests. It is now available in a soft-to-touch fabric upholstery to give you the opportunity to find the perfect chair to suit your individual requirements.
The chair has been built with a single motor mechanism for ease of use and comes complete with a two button handset. This allows you to effortlessly raise the chair to an almost standing position or recline to a comfortable snoozing position, making it ideal for anyone who requires assistance when transferring to or from their armchair.

Exactly what to consider when buying a riser/ tilting/ reclining armchair.
In the event that you are battling with physical health problems such as joint inflammation, asthma, circulation problems and back pain, or in the event that you while away a great deal of time in an armchair, or merely find it tough to enter or exit your chair then a riser recliner chair may help. An electrically powered riser or tilting chair can help the user get in to and out of the chair easily by increasing and reclining to a fixed or elevated position, getting rid of the need for the user to use strength when reducing or raising themselves in or out of the chair. A lot of chairs have a push-button control attached to the chair to enable the individual to get used to a satisfactory and comfortable position.
Combining the supreme in comfort with an important mobility aid, a riser recliner chair does it all. By means of aiding you to stay independent and creating a massive improvement to your life.

Either electric and manual adjusting riser chairs have a lot of functions that require a little room to maximize. When considering where exactly you wish to place your chair, you will certainly have to have ample area to completely recline the chair and you will need to consider the riser functionality to make certain you can stand easily with no obstruction from other furnishings.
Increase and recline chairs are electrically operated and usually power by mains electrical energy. Some chairs come exhaustive with battery backup so the chair can be operated in the middle of an energy cut. There are 2 main choices available, these being single motor unit or duplex motor. The single motor chair will rise and lower the individual and ability to regulate both the back and foot rest, whilst on the multiple drive mechanism chairs the back and foot rests can be changed individually given greater seating postures and satisfaction.
Another element that you must to take into consideration is that if the riser recliner chair is not manual and electrically operated and will have to have an available power point / electrical source.

You need to make sure you select the most suitable overall size of chair, so it is essential that you consider the best size (width, height and depth) to suit your private aspects for optimum comfortableness and assistance.
Inspect the chair dimensions of the chair you like, including the dimensions for the reclining function. While the majority of riser recliners are a similar size to a normal armchair, it's however worth sizing up the area in your house exactly where the chair will be positioned to make sure that it will fit. You could similarly want to think of the weight of the chair if you reckon that you may have to move it around often. A number of models are more compact and light-weight than many others, which could be excellent if you're short on flooring area.

Riser, reclining and inclining chairs can include numerous supplemental functions, whereas top of the variety adaptable chairs can feature heated or built in massage therapy.

There are many different choices of rise and recline chairs, which provide varied levels of assistance and comfort. Prior to purchasing, factor to consider must be provided to the degree of comfort and support offered, as specified above, the size of the person must also be taken into account. The same as typical chairs and settees, riser recliner chairs are available in different colors and readily available in several materials, including natural leather.

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