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Wiltshire Dual Motor Italian Leather Riser Recliner
Wiltshire Dual Motor Italian Leatheritalian leather riser chairDual motor relaxer riser chairleather riser chair
Wiltshire Dual Motor Italian Leather Riser Recliner from £919.00
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The Wiltshire Riser Recliner has been designed with quality and comfort in mind; it features a premium dual motor function and is covered in luxurious Chestnut, Italian leather. The easy to operate dual motor mechanism provides the user with complete independence, not only allowing them to raise the chair to an almost standing position for easy transfers but also allows for independent use of the footrest and backrest. This allows you to raise the footrest whist the backrest remains in an upright position.
All of our Riser Recliners are supplied in two separate sections, the base and the backrest. This allows easy removal from the box and transport within the home, navigating doorways and staircases. Once situated, the backrest simply clips into the rear section of the base to allow instant relaxation and comfort in your new chair.

What to consider when getting a riser/ tilting/ reclining armchair.
If you are struggling with physical health problems such as joint inflammation, breathing problem, circulation troubles and pain in the back, or in the event that you while away a great deal of time in an armchair, or merely discover it hard to enter or leave your chair then a riser recliner chair may likely help. An electrical riser or inclining chair can aid the user get in to and from the chair easily by rising and reclining to a seated or elevated position, getting rid of the necessity for the user to utilize strength whenever decreasing or raising themselves in or from the chair. Many chairs have a push-button control connected to the chair to enable the user to get used to a practical and more comfortable position.
Combining the maximum in comfort with an important mobility help, a riser recliner chair accomplishes it all. By means of aiding you to remain independent and creating a huge difference to your day-to-day life.

Both of these power and not automatic adjusting riser chairs have numerous characteristics that need a bit of area to take full advantage of. Whenever thinking about where you wish to install your chair, you will certainly need to possess enough room to fully stretch out the chair and you will have to think of the riser feature to make sure you can stand comfortably with no impediment from various other furnishings.
Rise and recline chairs are electrically run and normally power by mains electricity. Some chairs come exhaustive with battery backup so the chair can be controlled during the course of a power cut. There are 2 main types available, those being single electric motor or twin motor. The single motor chair will increase and reduce the end user and ability to change both the back and foot rest, while on the multiple electric motor chairs the back and foot rests can be regulated separately provided higher seating postures and satisfaction.
Another aspect that you must to take into consideration is that if the riser recliner armchair is not hand-operated and electrically run and will require to have an easily accessible electrical power point / electrical supply.

You need to ensure you opt for the most suitable size of chair, so it is essential that you choose the ideal size (width, height and depth) to match your personal proportions for maximum comfort and assist.
Inspect the chair measurements of the chair you want, including the dimensions for the reclining operation. While most riser recliners are a quite similar sizing to a normal armchair, it's still worth evaluating the area in your house where the chair will be positioned to make sure that it will fit. You may likewise wish to think of the weightiness of the chair if you think that you can need to move it about frequently. Various models are more compact and lighter than many others, which could possibly be most suitable if you're short on floor area.

Riser, reclining and inclining chairs can feature different other functions, while very top of the variety adjustable chairs can come with heated or integrated in massaging.

There are various kinds of rise and recline chairs, which provide various amounts of assistance and convenience. Before purchasing, thought should be offered to the degree of comfort and support offered, as mentioned above, the size of the individual ought to likewise be considered. The like normal chairs and sofas, riser recliner chairs are offered in various colours and offered in numerous materials, including leather.

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