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Winchester Premium Riser Recliner
Premium Riser ReclinerWinchester Premium Riser Recliner Single and Twin motorPremium Riser ReclinerRiser Recliner
Winchester Premium Riser Recliner Single or Twin motor option from £689.00
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The Winchester Premium Riser Recliner is an attractive, high back riser recliner chair that has been designed with great care to make your life easier, allowing you to sit, relax and recline in ultimate comfort. Both the single and dual motor models effortlessly assist those requiring additional help when getting into and out of a chair safely. The Winchester has three waterfall-style, back pillows filled with soft cushioning and a chaise reclining footrest, designed to provide you with maximum support and comfort at all times.
Single Motor Supplied with an easy-to-use, two button controller for simple operation. With one touch of the handset you can fully lift the footrest and recline the back in one smooth motion for maximum comfort and relaxation. Then with the other option, you can slowly move back to the resting position and gently rise to the standing pose for an easy exit of the chair.
Dual Motor This premium option is supplied with a four button controller that allows allowing greater independence for the user than the standard two button models having the ability to operate the back and the footrests independently to achieve the ultimate seating position according to your own body's preference.

Exactly what to think about when obtaining a riser/ tilting/ reclining chair.
In the event that you are experiencing health problems such as joint inflammation, breathing problem, flow troubles and back discomfort, or in case you devote a great deal of time in an armchair, or simply discover it tough to get in or exit your chair then a riser recliner chair might possibly help. An electric riser or tilting chair can easily allow the user get in to and from the chair effortlessly by rising and reclining to a fixed or elevated position, getting rid of the necessity for the individual to utilize strength when lowering or raising themselves in or from the chair. A lot of chairs have a remote control attached to the chair to make it possible for the individual to get used to a suitable and comfy position.
Integrating the maximum in relaxation with an important mobility help, a riser recliner chair accomplishes it all. By means of assisting you to stay independent and creating a huge change to your life.

Both of these electrical and manual adjusting riser chairs have numerous attributes that require a little bit of area to take full advantage of. When thinking of where you want to install your chair, you will need to possess ample area to completely recline the chair and you will need to think about the riser function to make certain you can stand up easily with no obstruction from other household furniture.
Rise and recline chairs are electrically run and generally power by mains electrical energy. Some chairs come exhaustive with battery backup so the chair can be worked throughout a power cut. There are 2 main choices readily available, those being singular drive mechanism or duplex motor. The singular motor chair will increase and reduce the user and option to align both the back and foot rest, whereas on the multiple drive mechanism chairs the back and foot rests can be regulated independent of each other offered greater seating positions and comfort.
Another element that you must to take into consideration is that if the riser recliner chair is not hand-operated and electrically operated and will need to have an available power point / electrical source.

You need to make certain you opt for the best overall size of chair, so it is very important that individuals pick the perfect size (width, height and depth) to fit your personal proportions for highest relaxation and assist.
Inspect the chair specifications of the chair you like, consisting of the measurements for the reclining feature. While a lot of riser recliner chairs are a quite similar sizing to a normal armchair, it's still worth determining the area in your house where the chair will be placed to ensure it will fit in. You might similarly want to think of the weight of the chair if you think that you may need to shift it around frequently. Some designs are more compact and light-weight than many others, which could be most suitable if you're short on flooring room.

Riser, reclining and inclining chairs can come with a variety of additional features, whereas top of the range adaptable chairs can include heated or integrated in massaging.

There are many different choices of rise and recline chairs, which offer various amounts of assistance and relaxation. Before buying, thought must be provided to the degree of convenience and support provided, as specified above, the size of the user should additionally be taken into account. The like normal chairs and couches, riser recliner chair chairs are obtainable in several colours and in the market in a variety of fabrics, including things like natural leather.

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