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Drive Medical X-Fold Rollator

Features include - Folds in two directions for a very compact size. Very lightweight at only 7.5kg. Sturdy aluminium cross brace and frame. Push button height adjustment on handles. Ergonomic loop brakes with internally routed brake cables. 8 inch diameter wheels for outdoor use. Seat canvas with pull up strap. Removable shopping bag. Lockable front castors (to prevent swivelling for certain users). Reflectors included.
Ideal to fold and put in the boot of a small car or on public transport
Overall dimensions - 68L x 64W x 81-94H (cm) / 27L x 25W - 32-37H (inches) Seat dimensions - 23L x 46W x 56H (cm) / 9L x 18W x 22H (inches)
Drive Medical X-Fold Rollator
Drive Medical X - Fold Rollator £165.83 ex vat
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Rollators are without a doubt a god send to numerous men and women having serious walking or movable issues that could possibly be as a result of to physical constraints or shortage of breath when walking. Constructed to supply the greatest support to the individual, whilst continuing to be stable and safe for the man or woman to rely on. They are in certain cases referred to as bariatric rollators.

They will be generally fitted with hand manipulated brakes so that the user may regularly pause and make use of the rollator to confidently rely on for support. Additionally, several rollators are rigged with a seat to allow the individual to occasionally take a break.

Basically, a rollator is actually a 'walker' using tires, brakes and a few additions. So ideal in areas where the surface area may be uneven.
The surface area wherein the rollator will be used is certainly a very important consideration in deciding to buy. In the event that its nothing but around the residential property, then one of these rigged with small wheels is suitable. If intending to journey out, especially on un level surfaces, then the wider the wheels the more suitable since this makes it easier to push along.

Although many rollators have four wheels for improved stability, individuals who need some stability assistance but usually do not need to have the full assistance provided by a 4 wheel rollator often use a 3 wheeled version.
If you only need insubstantial mobility aid, a three wheeled version would suit better. Also the three wheeled version are normally lighter in weight and more maneuverable in tight places.

Additional points to think about are that the chassis is both equally lightweight and strong and in preference easy to fold for transporting or storing. Handles ought to be changeable and also furnished with effortless to grip brakes which can easily lock. In the case that you mean to go grocery shopping then outfitted with a hold all or pannier might be helpful and last but not least, as talked about earlier, obtain one with the suitable sized tires.
Of course, there are normally also a number of rollator accessories available in the market such as walking stick holders, specialized seats, optional storage area bags and holders for necessary items such as beverage or much needed oxygen containers.

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