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Drive SR8 Steel Rollator

The Drive Medical Lightweight steel frame Arthritic friendly rollator with height adjustable anatomic grips and loop brakes. 8" outdoor wheels with non marking solid tyres. Has PU seat, Rear reflectors and comes with a cane holder, tray and basket. Superb every day value.
Drive SR8 Steel Rollator
Drive Mobility SR8 Steel Rollator £70.83 ex vat
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At Mobility UK we have sourced the best selection of Rollators and Walking frames to suit a wide variety of disability or mobility needs

Rollators are definitely a wonderful invention for countless men and women with acute walking or mobility challenges that could be related to bodily restrictions or lack of breath when ever walking. Designed to provide optimal helping hand to the end user, though remaining sturdy and safe for the man or woman to rely on. These are in certain cases made reference to as bariatric rollators.

They are generally fitted with hand operated brakes in this way the user may regularly halt and use the rollator to safely and securely rely on with respect to support. Furthermore, many rollators are provided with a seat to make it possible for the user to occasionally rest.

In essence, a rollator is a 'walker' with wheels, brakes and some add-ons. So ideal in spots where the surface area may be not level.
The surface location in which the rollator will most likely be used is an important point in deciding to buy. For example in the event that its merely about the property, then one provided with small tires is appropriate. However if expecting to venture out, especially on uneven surfaces, then the larger sized the tires the more desirable because this makes it easier to push around.

Although numerous rollators have four wheels for maximized sturdiness, users who need some stability assistance but do not be in need of the full support provided by a 4 wheel rollator commonly use a 3 wheeled option.
Therefore in case anyone only require minor movability assistance, a 3 wheeled model will certainly match better. Also the three wheeled version are normally lighter in weight and more maneuverable in tight places.

Some other details to consider are that the frame is both light in weight and durable and preferably effortless to fold for transporting or storing. Handles should be changeable and also furnished with effortless to grip brakes which can easily lock. In the case that you plan to go shopping then outfitted with a carryall or basket would definitely be valuable and finally, as mentioned earlier on, get one having the ideal sized tires.
Of course, there are normally in addition a range of rollator accessories offered for instance cane holders, advanced seats, added storing containers and holders for important objects for example beverage or much needed oxygen bottles.

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Note* UK VAT, in some cases mobility accessories including wheelchairs and scooters are classed as VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations, wheelchairs and scooters. Read more and where to apply on our 'Financial Assistance' page.