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Topro Troja Classic Rollator with backrest

Norwegian company Topro, are a company with an outstanding reputation for producing advanced modern designs that combine user comfort, safety and convenience, and producing an innovative range of rollators of the very highest quality TOPRO TROJA Classic is easy to fold, requiring little space when stored * Pull the cord on the seat and the rollator folds together horizontally. * Push the handlebars down into the sidebars. * Unique memory function that sets the handles back to the right height. * Stands securely on its wheels when folded. * Takes little space and is very practical to transport. * Excellent for users who travel by car, train, bus or airplane.
Topro Troja Classic Rollator including backrest
Topro Troja Classic Rollator including backrest £199.99 VAT FREE!
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Other Mobility Rollator Features

Excellent brakes, kerb lifter and edge guard

• Easy to negotiate thresholds and kerbs etc.
• Safe to use.

Elegant and practical lightweight

• Plastic coated aluminium tube and plastic couplings.
• A total of 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks provide excellent driving comfort.
• Can be hosed and cleaned.
• All wear and tear parts can be replaced and
• Brakes can be adjusted.
• Tested and approved according to EN ISO 11199
• TOPRO TROJA Classic is designed and approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

TOPRO TROJA Classic comes in three sizes

Extra small
Recommended user height 125 - 160cm
Maximum user weight 80 kg

Recommended user height 135 - 170cm
Maximum user weight 125 kg

Recommended user height 150 - 200cm
Maximum user weight 165 kg

Rollators are definitely a wonderful invention for many people having serious walking or movability challenges that might be attributed to physical restrictions or lack of breath whenever walking. Constructed to offer maximum helping hand to the individual, though remaining stable and dependable for the individual to rely on. These are in certain cases referred to as bariatric rollators.

They will be typically furnished with hand controlled brakes so the person can regularly stop and use the rollator to securely rely on with respect to support. Furthermore, many rollators are provided with a seat to help the user to occasionally rest.

In essence, a rollator is actually a 'walker' with wheels, brakes and various additions. So suitable in spots where the surface may be uneven.
The surface area in which the rollator will most likely be utilized is certainly an essential factor to consider in buying. For illustration if its simply throughout the home, then one furnished with small-sized tires is suitable. Having said that if intending to venture out, specifically on irregular surfaces, then the larger the tires the more suitable as this helps make it easier to push around.

Although many rollators have 4 wheels for maximized sturdiness, users who need some balance assistance but usually do not need to have the full support provided by a 4 wheel rollator often make use of a 3 wheeled model.
If you only require insubstantial mobility aid, a three wheeled version will suit better. Also the three wheeled version are normally lighter in weight and more maneuverable in tight places.

Other points to think about are that the structure is both equally lightweight and durable plus preferably convenient to fold when it comes to transporting or storing. Handles should be changeable and furnished with painless to grip brakes that can engage. If you expect to go window shopping then furnished with a hold all or carrier would be useful and lastly, as discussed earlier on, get one using the suitable sized tires.
Of course, there are also numerous rollator add-ons offered for instance cane holders, advanced seats, optional storing bags and holders for necessary objects like drink or much needed oxygen bottles.

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