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Rollator walking aids

Our rollator and walking frames range can answer all your mobility needs where there is difficulty in walking. Mobility UK has sourced some of the best models of different types of walking frames and rollators to give you the widest selection dependent on your needs.

You will find different types of four wheeled types for indoor and outdoor use, even those that fold away.

Folding Rollators
Folding Rollators
Folding walking frame with two wheels
Folding walking frame with two wheels
Lets Go Out Rollator
Lets Go Out
The Nitro Rollator
The Nitro Rollators
The SR8 Steel Rollator
The SR8 Steel Rollator
Lets go indoor rollators
Lets go indoors
Topro 'Troja' classic mobility rollators
Topro 'Troja' classic
Wheelzahead track 3 rollator
Wheelzahead track 3
At Mobility UK, we appreciate that everyones needs differ and in choosing our selection of mobility equipment, we try to cover a multitude of uses to benefit our customers with their independent requirements or needs. Please do browse around our site with a range of not only rollator walking aids, but other disability accessories, motorised wheelchairs and electric scooters.
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Note* UK VAT, in some cases mobility accessories including wheelchairs and scooters are classed as VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or help towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations, wheelchairs and scooters. Read more and where to apply on our 'Financial Assistance' page.

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