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Listed are our present stock of mobility powered wheelchairs. The range caters for many different mobility requirements and needs from small transportable wheelchairs to the larger powered chairs for heavy duty and long distance on any terrain. Click any image to find out more about a particular motorised wheelchair. Prices shown are normal retail cost, though many mobility manufacturers do have special offers and discounts across different power chairs.


Note* UK VAT, in many cases mobility accessories including wheelchairs and scooters are classed as VAT free. Please also note all 'road legal' (8mph) powered scooters and wheelchairs must be registered with DVLA. You may be entitled to a grant or assistance towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations, wheelchairs and scooters. Read more and where to apply on our 'Financial Assistance' page.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
Prices show are as a guidline only.

Article 2017
Market size and trends
All sellers and wholesalers reported that the market for movement scooters is large and growing though the majority of felt that the figures quoted in section 3.5 (Industrial market information) are overemphasized. The wholesalers consulted felt that the total market figures supplied by the OFT are the most accurate. The majority of mobility scooters offered come in the class 2 boot or pavement scooter categories. Some respondents felt that increasing numbers of medium sized pavement scooters are being offered as users search for higher resilience and stability than are available from the lighter models. Mobility scooters market study.

The retailers mentioned on the unpredictable status of mobility scooters. Are they a "disability" or a "lifestyle" product? They reported selling more movement scooters in exactly what they described the "geriatric market". One expressed the viewpoint that numerous customers regard a mobility scooter as a leisure vehicle. They likewise noted that this ambiguity impacts the requirement to pay BARREL on the purchase of a movement scooter. The assessment process As noted, movement scooters are offered in customers' houses, in mainstream and expert shops and online. All stakeholders we spoke to worried the importance of getting an evaluation prior to purchasing a mobility scooter, to identify whether a movement scooter is appropriate and which model( s) best suit the user's needs. The retailers all carry out their own in-depth evaluation either in the consumer's house or at their retail premises. These assessment cover the consumer's needs and desires, their abilities and pertinent ecological and way of life factors to consider.

The retailers we spoke with also take care over the delivery of the mobility scooters they offer. They unpack and put together the item on shipment and make sure the user has an opportunity to acquaint themselves with it and determine whether it will be suitable. Online retail Unsurprisingly, the sellers said that it was improper to purchase movement scooters from online sources due to the fact that they don't provide these two vital parts of the service. There is a general acknowledgment that online sources can offer movement scooters at much lower costs, exactly since of this distinction in service. Merchants were not positive that they can make this difference in service clear to customers and some reported sensations of insecurity as a consequence. Anecdotally, some consumers seem visiting merchants for evaluation and guidance about suitable models, and after that purchasing them online. Motability The Motability plan offers an alternative supply design for movement scooters, that includes upkeep, insurance and roadside healing in addition to evaluation, assembly and familiarisation as described above as part of a package of "carefree" movement. It is available just to people in invoice of higher rate mobility element of DLA or the improved rate movement part of PIP.

Product efficiency and maintenance Movement scooters are normally produced overseas, though some are made in the UK. Some manufacturers work closely with UK suppliers on style to develop items appropriate to the marketplace and to users' needs. Other mobility scooters are treated more as products, being imported without branding and often sold to more than one UK distributor. Stakeholders felt that numerous movement scooters are fairly robust and can be utilized for a number of years (though there were some dissenting voices, especially from movement scooter users spoken with throughout the workshop). Larger mobility scooters are more dependable than smaller ones. They do require periodic upkeep checks however do not commonly have to be serviced. They often require repairs to used or broken elements including bearings, tyres and batteries. For some designs this is useful, however sometimes the lack of schedule of spares makes it more pricey to repair the mobility scooter than to replace it. As kept in mind listed below, there is a pre-owned market for mobility scooters, and all retailers we spoke to take movement scooters in part exchange for brand-new movement scooters and offer reconditioned movement scooters for sale. Some clients kept in mind that efficiency claims made by makers and providers, particularly with regard to battery life, range, speed and climbing up ability, are frequently unreliable. These are strongly impacted by ecological factors, terrain etc and user qualities, mainly weight.

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