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Understanding the difference types of mattresses for adjustable beds

We spend half our life in bed and the greater the comfort while resting, the greater our health and well being. This is especially true for those of us needing a little extra in our night time comfort due to various aches, pains or ailments including the disabled. So when considering an adjustable bed, the most important part is the mattress, it has to have good flexibility and durability. It should bend and flex to follow the contour of the base, yet still maintaining its support and structural integrity for your body. Adjustable beds normally use mattresses that are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring or airbed. As these allow for that flexing while offering superb body support.

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Memory foam or latex mattresses are usually the best choice as they offer the greatest flexibility and support. Though care must be taken, as cheap memory foam or latex mattresses can create discomfort and not last long so only deal with a reputable seller using quality foam and materials as it will maintain its support and durability.

Innerspring and airbeds can also be used on adjustable bases and reclining beds, though there are some things you be aware of.Innerspring use the standard coiled springs with a quilted top, which makes them notably stiffer. Therefore with a reclining bed or adjustable base, they are not sufficiently flexible enough. But some manufacturers offer more flexible models to use with adjustable beds.

Innerspring are still common as they are cheaper than foam, but with decreased performance. Also Innerspring mattresses are known to create pressure points and there limited flexibility requires replacement more often. Airbeds have inner air chambers giving you the option to adjust their support with increasing or decreasing air pressure. However make sure its the type with 'multiple' chambers and never a single chamber airbed as it will not function as the bed base alters and be too stiff.

Latex foam mattresses are 100 percent foam and reasonably effective at preventing pain and pressure points. Though due to them being more rigid, they are somewhat bouncy and remember to use a less thick one if its for an adjustable bed.

Memory foam may be the most expensive answer but essential if you wish to enjoy the comfort when used with an adjustable bed. Its natural contour adjusting properties follow the beds adjustment and the bodily support is absolute heaven. Memory foam is a very unique material as it distributes your weight evenly over the surface, eliminating pressure points especially around the hips and shoulders. It was NASA scientists that invented the concept of viscose elastic foam as its called, to cushion the affects of G forces during take off. Read more about the very interesting history of memory foam.

Adjustable beds come in many choices of design these days from special beds for children to larger bariatrics beds for overweight people. The most common being the normal top and bottom adjusting single or double beds. Some use manual adjustment but most are motorised and double beds can have independent operation over either half to satisfy the needs of a couple. Some beds even have built in massaging systems. Then you have bariatric or medical type beds for those with extra special needs.

Whatever your adjustable bed requirements, there is a large selection of beds available at Mobility UK.

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