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What type of Mobility Scooter Insurance is needed?

Many people regard insurance as just a huge profit making scheme by corporate companies that don't care a dime about the people who make them rich and will find every loophole conceivable to either avoid paying out or reduce the claim amount. I too was guilty of being one of those in my younger healthily active days. That "oh it wont happen to me" and "im too careful" persuasions contorted our thoughts to give valid reasons for not being able.
And it must be said with very good reason, as back in those days it was an unfortunate fact. Seemed everyone knew someone who suffered disappointment with claims. But much has changed since then. The unreliable firms have died away, so have some of the once large insurance companies.

These days there are mountains of regulations in how an insurance company can operate. With a great deal of protection to the consumer.

However there are 'horses for courses', many insurance companies either specialise or excel in particular insurance cover areas. So its vitally important that you choose the right company for the right insurance cover. Especially where disability or mobility is involved.

Until a few years ago it was difficult to find companies or brokers that offered this type of cover, or had very high premiums for it. However, the mobility and disability market is now worth billions each year, so many companies have embraced it and some actively promote the fact.

The type of insurance you will require depends upon your mobility or disability needs.
The most common two insurance policies are mobility scooter insurance and third party indemnity. Obvious when you consider that navigating an electric scooter or power chair around busy places can result in a few accidents. Although, the 4mph 'pavement' type mobility scooters do not need insurance by law, if you use the more powerful 8mph road scooter, then you must have insurance and be registered with the DVLA.

Third party insurance is obviously included in your scooter cover, but there are other areas you will need to adequately cover and protect yourself. If you are one of the many who have home care or take trips out with your care, then Employer’s Liability Insurance and / or Public Liability Insurance is required by law. If your using an agency for home care, then you need to make sure they have their own liability insurance that not only covers the carer but anything that transpires while they are with you.
Though as an 'employer, you still need your own Employer’s Liability Insurance by law.
If you are receiving direct payments towards your care, the local authority will fund this as part of your personal budget payments.

Breakdown cover.
What would happen if one day you are out in town on your scooter or powered wheelchair and it breaks down? It cant simply be pushed or towed home and most of your friends would not be able to fit it into their car. So scooter breakdown cover could be a lifesaver.
Although even services like the AA can offer this type of cover, its not their specialty so could prove expensive.
Its far better to use an insurance company who does specialise in mobility break down cover policies. Such a company can offer quality insurance at a fair price and value for money. You need to have the following included in your cover:-
Home rescue if your equipment won't start
Assistance from a qualified mechanic
Recovery vehicles on call 24/7
Recovery back home or to a local repair centre
A good response time (40 minutes max)
Taxi home service if it cannot be fixed

Which Insurance Company?
We researched many different companies offer mobility cover including the top ones like, Fish, Sagic (Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation) and ETA (Environmental Transport Association). While they all offer more or less the same, we decided upon ETA as they are the only one who have a remit as an ethical provider of green, reliable travel services and are rated as the most ethical insurance company in Britain. They also offer a full range of insurance covering mobility, home, cycle, travel and breakdown cover at the most competitive prices.

Visit ETA today and browse around their great site

NOTE: Having suitable mobility insurance is mandatory if you intend to travel outside on pavements and roads
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