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Huge range of motorised mobility wheelchairs From as little as £1,500 to £14,000
We have a specialised electric powered wheelchair perfect for every need. These rugged power chairs come with many variations to suit just about every activity you can imagine. Cycling your love? Then simply attach one of several accessories and convert your power chair into a cycle. Or maybe you fancy some ball sports - we have one specially designed for that. If heavy off road terrain or exploring beaches is your wish, then there are rugged high power electric wheelchairs for you! Or just imagine your wheelchair stands you erect so you can look people in the eye? Compare all our electric power wheelchair prices, browse images, see specifications, read reviews from other power chair users and find the ideal powered wheelchair to suit your physical needs and pocket.

Most electric wheelchairs are zero VAT rated and road legal powered wheelchairs must be registered with the DVLA. In most cases, those with higher rate of mobility needs are eligible for financial assistance from Motability or local disability organisations. You can see our list here of disability organisations and charities that have grants or assistance for all with mobility or disabled needs.

Things to think about when choosing any mobility equipment.
Article 2017

Physical therapists or physiotherapists from a hospital, nearby authority, social services department can recommend on devices ideal for your requisites and on what is readily available. You may wish to look into the following points when picking devices on your own.

Make sure products abide by the British Standards. Devices that have actually been evaluated and authorized by the British Standards Institute (BSI) are marked with the BSI Kitemark.
Examine how comfortable the device is and how easy for you to utilize. Where possible, try it out in advance. If purchasing costly equipment, you might wish to request a trial in your own home so you can try it out effectively. Ensure it can be used in the surrounding where you want to use it.
Ensure the device can remain in good condition if exposed to the weather and is suited for the activity you require it for. Examine it is easy to use with or without help and that suitable and clear directions for or coaching in use are supplied.
If you need to transport the equipment, for example a wheelchair, consider how simple this will be. Does it fold or come apart? Is it easy to do this? Will it suit your car? Consider whether there is sufficient area to store it in your home.

Enquire about repair work and maintenance of the scooter or wheelchair. Is it possible to find spare parts and someone to fix the scooter or chair if necessary?
Does the device have to be serviced frequently and if so, just how much does this cost? What sort of after-sales service does the business supply? Does the device featured a warranty?
Examine the business policy on returning equipment if you do not require it anymore, for instance your requirements alter or you move to a care home. Some companies have a buy-back assurance scheme however examine the details about how much money you receive if you return the product.
Think about getting insurance coverage to pay for accidents and breakdown repair services for larger sized items such as electric powered scooters or power chairs. This is mandatory if you intend to travel outdoors.

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