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Boston Electric Settee Bed

Boston Electric Settee Bed: 1195

A day bed that has all the functions of a hospital bed incorporated into a settee.

This bed comes with aQflex mattress. Unlike some other companies, we only sell beds made from the best quality materials. As with all of our adjustable beds, you can sleep on it for up to 7 nights and if you are not totally satisfied, we will fully refund you the cost of the bed* or exchange your mattress free of charge.

Laybrook beds are also fully installed by our trained engineers, free of charge!

Bed Height (From floor to top of mattress)

The standard starting height is 22.5 inches.
The minimum starting height can be 21.5 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress*
  • 5-part adjustable profiling with integral rise and lower facility
  • 4 motors (2 for profiling and 2 for lift)
  • Vertically rises up to 18 inches from starting point
  • Weight adjuster zone in lumber area
  • Centre belt
  • Load-bearing points bolted and sleeved.
  • Maximum weight capacity 25 stone
Altering the length means altering the mattress, mattress cover, mechanism and surround
Altering the length of the bed settee £ 195
Altering the height of bed £ 75

Available in 2ft 6 or 3ft.

Bed height
The standard starting height is 22.5 inches.

Purchasing any Sprung Mattress (Pocket or Superior) may increase the overall bed height by 1.5 inches.

Bed Length
The overall length of the settee bed is 7ft.
Back Height - 38 inches
Arm Height - 30 inches

This bed comes without the underbed cut outs shown in one of the images, which are vital in order to use a hoist. If these are required, please add this via the dropdown option above.

Hessian Brown

Cushions not included.

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