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Helston Vertical lift Carers Bed
Helston Vertical lift Carers Bed: 1545

The Helston Carers bed is a 'home care bed' and is an ideal profiling and height adjustable Carers bed for someone looking stay close to their partner. This bed has separate motors to profile the bed at the head-end or the foot-end, and again separate motors to vertically raise the bed up to 18 inches from the starting position (standard height; 23 inches). Our new profiling Carers bed can be raised flat for the carers to wash or turn the patient, or it can be used to help the person stand out of the bed like a riser recliner chair (must be sat on the edge (in the middle section) of the bed), or it can be raised whilst adjusted at the head and foot-end to get a comfortable high position to look out of the window and ease of making the bed at a comfortable height.

The vertical lifting frame can be put into any of our adjustable bed surrounds, so choose the bed you like (from the all adjustable beds page) and add the cost of the vertical lifting frame (in the mechanisms drop down box on any bed product page ), or simply choose the combination as shown on this page..
(Excludes Chatsworth and Sandringham).

Bed height Breakdown
Standard size for the Helston Carers Bed is 23.5 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress.

Purchasing any Sprung Mattress (Pocket or Superior) may increase the overall bed height.

To make sure the height of your bed is correct when ordering, please measure your own first. We are able to alter your bed to a height of your choice, and all for an extra £75!

Altering the length means altering the mattress, mattress cover, mechanism and surround

Single bed altering the length £ 195
Dual bed altering the length £ 295

Altering the height of bed £ 75


• 5 part adjustable profiling with integral raise and lower facility
• 4 motors (2 for profiling and 2 for lift)
• Vertical rise up to 18 inches from starting point
• Twin On-Line fittings
• Weight adjuster zone lumber section
• Centre belt
• Load bearing points bolted and sleeved
• Special order

Dual beds have independant controls and independant matttresses. You will generally have a vertical lifting mechanism on one side of a dual bed, so if you are purchasing a 5ft dual bed you will only need one 2ft 6 vertical lifting mechanism.

Double beds have one mattresses, two vertical lifting mechanisms and a special linking cable.

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