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Kenmure Heavy Duty 35 stone Bariatric Bed
Kenmure Heavy Duty 35 stone Bariatric Bed: 3392

The Kenmure bed with unique wood frame panelling stands out, thanks to its friendly and attractive design (different colour ends available). 

This exceptional bed meets all requirements for either the homecare of nursing home sectors. Patient needs can bed met through the different bed sizes available and adjustability of the electric adjustable bed base which uniquly will raise both sides vertically to have a much larger area to turn patients.

The adjustable 4 – section mattress support and the height adjustable bed lifts are controlled by means of individual handsets to provide optimum comfort without placing any strain on the body. 


  • Dual Action where both sides rise vertically at the same time.
  • Removable base surround to allow for hoists
  • Available on large castors.
  • 4- section mattress support, 3 motor adjustment, separates for transport
  • Bed lift, with one motor for height adjustment, includes castors
  • Wooden head end, foot-boards
  • Electrically operated
  • Removable mattress retainers at the head and foot sections
  • Ergonomic adjustment of head and foot sections

Technical data

  • Max safe weight load 320kg (Dual or Double Beds (Dual beds have 2 mattresses and double beds have one mattress)).
  • Max safe weight load 160kg (Single beds) 
  • Angle of head adjustment max 75 degrees
  • Angle of leg adjustment max 70 degrees

• Electrical adjustable height ranges :

- 90-cm (3ft) wide bed - 24 to 76 cm (one mattress)
- 120cm (4ft) and 140-cm (4ft6) 26 to 66 cm (one mattress)
- 160cm (5ft4) and 180-cm (6ft) 33 to 66  cm (one or two mattresses)

• 3 actuators on each mechanism and one or two 8-button handsets.

• 5 mattress-stops per mechanism (keeps mattresses securly in place).
  Dual beds have 2 mechanisms and double and single beds have one mechanism.

• Warranty for structure and motors: 5 years

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