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Lincoln Hi Low Adjustable Bed
Lincoln Hi Low Adjustable Bed: 4595

 The Lincoln Chairbed can save on the cost of carers coming in, in the evening and the morning to assist the person into and help the person out of bed (saving over £25,000 in yearly care costs)*, it can save the cost of a new adjustable bed, a hoist or the cost of going to a care home (upto £60,000 per yr).

Long Term Solution
The Lincoln Bedchair is designed to help people who sleep in a riser recliner chair, it  is so versatile so you can tilt the chair changing the rake (angle of seated choice). and / or extend the footrest independently at any time, creating tilt in space with the footrest at any angle. When raising the footplate on a riser recliner your feet overhang, this is not a good sleeping position as it can cause pressure sores on the ankles, inhibit circulation causing water retention and can also cause drop foot. The Lincoln Chairbed is designed to support your feet as they are in a bed, the motorised foot extension makes the chair 4 inches longer.

The mattress on the Lincoln is upto 5 inches thick with another 3 inches of supporting foam under the hip area for comfort and a great night sleep and can be changed to have a low, medium, high and very high risk for people who may be prone to get or already have pressure sores.

The Lincoln Bedchair has upto 8 motors enabling thousands of possible comfort positions and it can lay virtually flat like a bed, these motors also enable the bed to be height adjustable for carers, this is to prevent the carers getting back problems, all of this is giving freedom to the user to stay independent in their own home long term.

Keep independent safe and in your own home for the rest of your life. Welcome to life with the Lincoln Chairbed.

This Bedchair is brand new to the market, and fills the gap for people needing help to lift their legs up onto the bed without the need for a carer. It can be a full size single bed (3ft with the arms down), a small single of 2ft 6 or smaller as below

Standard Reflex mattress.
NEW (for pressure care)
4 Way Stretch Breathable Material Available For Pressure Care, Waterproofing and Easy Cleaning (Available through the middle of the chair including footplate & arms with standard material on the outside of the chair).

Memory Foam Mattress Available
Gel Mattress Available
Dynamic Air Mattress Available.


It can be used either upstairs or downstairs for people who can not get upstairs and has a weight capacity of up to 18. 25, 40 or 50 stone (price available on request).

Height Adjustable (for carers)
upto 8 Motors
Fully Enclosed Foot Extension
Independent Tilt and Rise Feature for Easier Exit and Entry to and from the Bed
Indepedent Tilt to change the angle of the rake of the chair (tilt back whilst sitting normally in the chair).
Trendellenberg and Anti Trendellenberg Positions
Access for Stand Aids
Available with Gel for High Risk Care.

Seat Widths
20 inches (when arms pushed down the overall width is 28 inches)
22 inches (when arms pushed down the overall width is 30 inches)
24 inches (when arms pushed down the overall width is 32 inches)
28 inches (when arms pushed down the overall width is 36 inches) (other sizes available)

26 inch width is the size we have in stock and available, other sizes available but will take 4-6 weeks and costs £695.00 for the chair and mattress alterations..

Seat Depth

Seat Height


  •  6-8 Motor Rise, Tilt, & Recline
  •  Near Infinite Movements
  •  Side Pockets
  •  Head Pillow Fittings
  •  Up to 50 stone
  •  2 Year Full Warranty
  • Special Order
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