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Adjustable Electric Mobility Beds
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Trend Bed with High Low Action
Trend Bed with High Low Action: 2095

This bed has been specifically designed for a person who requires carers. Excellent for a person with heart, stomach or circulation problems.

Features: Trendelenberg, Anti Trendelenberg (full tilting from  pivot points either at the foot (as shown in main picture) or pivot from the headboard end with the foot section raised).

The design allows for a person to be turned in bed at a comfortable height. It also assists the person to stand up from a seated position on the edge of the bed, in much the same way as a rise and recline chair works. Only the middle (flat) section can be used for this process whilst the bed is in its profiled position.
The mechanism can be raised up to 18 inches from the starting height. It can be raised flat for turning the patient or profiled as shown in the picture above (head and/or foot elevated.

This frame can be installed into the Richmond or Helston surround.


Available in 3ft (other sizes may be available on request).

Bed Height (From floor to top of mattress)
The minimum starting height can be 21 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress. The standard starting height is 23 inches.
  • 4-part adjustable profiling with integral rise and lower facility
  • Full tilt and reverse full tilt from head or footend
  • 4 motors (2 for profiling and 2 for lift) 
  • Vertically rises up to 18 inches from starting point
  • Weight adjuster zone in lumber area
  • Maximum weight capacity 25st
  • Special order
Cost Breakdown (example) Bed Cost                       £   799.00
Mechanism                   £1295.00

Total                               £2094.00

Hoist access: The under bed gap for hoist can be changed but comes as standard with a 110mm gap.

The picture shown is a single bed.

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