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Mobility Scooter Insurance - Why you need it

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. And they are not necessarily your fault as many pedestrians can be quite careless and oblivious to their immediate environment.

If you don’t already have mobility scooter or electric wheelchair insurance - just ask yourself - "What would happen if someone carelessly walked into your scooter and had to be hospitalised?
Who would they sue? More importantly, how would you pay?
In the UK there are many law firms eager to take on such accident claim cases on pro bona (free). So the injured person has nothing to lose and everything to gain by successfully suing you in court for thousands!

Once you leave your front gate without insurance on a mobility scooter your at open risk of not only being sued from a genuine accident, but by a growing number of unscrupulous deliberate accident seekers, looking to make a quick few thousand out of anybody, insured or not and an electric scooter or chair is an easy target for accident insurance extortion by them.

PLEASE: If you don’t yet have mobility insurance. GET IT - NOW!

What insurance do you need?

This is the sort of insurance cover you should be looking for:-
  • Up to 2m Public Liability cover
  • Accidental damage including fire and flood
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Get-you-home allowance in the event of loss or breakdown
  • Hire of replacement scooter
  • Personal accident

Insurance for your mobility scooter not only gives you peace of mind, but helps keeps you moving at home or abroad.

Where to buy Mobility Insurance?

There are many firms clamouring for your business, some good, some not so good and some that are excellent.
Possibly the best mobility specialist insurer in the UK is ETA (Environmental Transport Association). They have recently been voted Britain's most ethical insurance company by The Good Shopping Guide for the second consecutive year, beating household-name insurance companies such as John Lewis, Co-Op and Aviva.
They have a fully comprehensive Mobility Scooter Insurance for only 80 per year which includes Breakdown Assistance and Recovery. Giving you all round complete cover and total support.
Over 25years of service to over 75,000 very happy customers says it all. Find out more here:
If you travel a lot, you will love their included 'breakdown' coverage.
Do read our article on mobility scooter insurance here...

The Costs of mobility insurance?

Most companies charge more or less the same for mobility insurance at around 60 to £80 year. But not all offer the same cover or service. From our research, ETA probably offer the best all round cover and all the little extras you need included with a second to none very hands on personal service to their customers. Visit them
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