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Rollator walking aids

Our rollator and walking frames range can answer all your mobility needs where there is difficulty in walking. Mobility UK has sourced some of the best models of different types of walking frames and rollators to give you the widest selection dependent on your needs.

You will find different types of four wheeled types for indoor and outdoor use, even those that fold away.

Folding Rollators
Folding Rollators
Folding walking frame with two wheels
Folding walking frame with two wheels
Lets Go Out Rollator
Lets Go Out
The Nitro Rollator
The Nitro Rollators
The SR8 Steel Rollator
The SR8 Steel Rollator
Lets go indoor rollators
Lets go indoors
Topro 'Troja' classic mobility rollators
Topro 'Troja' classic
Wheelzahead track 3 rollator
Wheelzahead track 3

At Mobility UK, we appreciate that everyone's needs differ and in choosing our selection of mobility equipment, we try to cover a multitude of uses to benefit our customers with their independent requirements or needs. Please do browse around our site with a range of not only rollator walking aids, but other disability accessories, motorised wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Rollators are a god send to many with severe mobility problems this could be due to physical limitations or lack of breath when walking. Designed to offer maximum assistance to the user, while remaining sturdy and safe for the person to lean on. They are sometimes referred to as bariatric rollators.

They are generally fitted with hand operated brakes so the user can occasionally stop and use the rollator to lean on for support. Additionally, many rollators are fitted with a set to allow the user to occasionally rest.

Basically, a rollator is a 'walker' with wheels, brakes and some extras. So ideal in places where the surface may be uneven.
The surface area where the rollator will be used is an important consideration in purchasing. For example if its just around the house, then one fitted with small wheels is ideal. However if intending to venture out, especially on uneven surfaces, then the bigger the wheels the better as this makes it easier to push along.

Although many rollators have four wheels for enhanced stability, people who need some balance support but don’t need the full support offered by a 4 wheel rollator often use a three wheeled version.
So if you only need slight mobility assistance, a three wheeled version will suit better. Also the three wheeled version are normally lighter in weight and more maneuverable in tight places.

There are four main activities that you need to perform safely when using your rollator to assist you. Such as; standing up, walking, turning, and sitting down and you should consider these points when choosing to buy one.

Other points to consider are that the frame is both lightweight and strong and preferably easy to fold for transporting or storage. Handles should be adjustable and fitted with easy to grip brakes that can lock. If you intend to go shopping then fitted with a bag or basket would be useful and finally, as mentioned earlier, get one with the right sized wheels.
There are also several rollator accessories available such as cane holders, special seating, extra storage bags and holders for important things like drink or oxygen bottles.


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Note* UK VAT, in some cases mobility accessories including wheelchairs and scooters are classed as VAT free. You may be entitled to a grant or help towards buying larger mobility items such as chair lifts, adaptations, wheelchairs and scooters. Read more and where to apply on our 'Financial Assistance' page.

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